Crypto Tax Fundamentals for UK-based Investors, Traders, and Miners by

Crypto Tax Fundamentals for UK-based Investors, Traders, and Miners

Dispel uncertainty, cut through the noise, and use the rules to your advantage

What's included?

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Just a few notes..
4 mins
Module 1: How does HMRC work?
10 mins
Module 2: HMRC and You
15 mins
Module 3: Personal Activity
33 mins
Module 4: Reporting Your Personal Activity
15 mins
Module 5: Business Activity
6 mins
Module 6: Reporting Your Business Activity
8 mins
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Register for Self Assessment (Personal Activity)
Register for Self Assessment (Sole Trader)
Tax Returns (SA100 and Supplementary Pages)

We think it's really important for anyone in crypto - even if they own just a little bitcoin, to be aware of the tax implications of their actions. It's easy to trigger taxable events without realising one is doing so. was founded in 2017, initially on the domain, when we noticed a lack of proper tax guidance for the UK crypto community (and the next best option being a £1000 one-hour consultation!). In addition to providing trusted resources to meet this need, we help users connect with tax professionals who are best able to address their cryptocurrency concerns. Please note that we do not provide legal advice ourselves and exist as a separate entity from our directory partners.

We endeavour to be the leading resource for crypto tax concerns in the UK, for both laypersons and professionals alike. Please do feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback!